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Welcome to the NEAT website! To get an idea of what we're all about, we've prepared an acrostic poem for you:

  • N oticeable
  • E dgy
  • A mbitious
  • T imeless

We have a big commitment to creating amazing designs. From logos to websites, we strive to make our work the best it can be. Whatever it is you may need, chances are you want it to be NEAT.

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Inexpensive...not cheap.

We offer a bunch of services to ensure you get the most out of your NEAT online presence.

  • custom website design
  • flash animation
  • logo design
  • stationery
  • ad design
  • photography
  • video editing

Wanna see what we mean? Just point your mouse to the NEAT Portfolio.


This is a collection of work we've produced over the last little while. We're pretty proud of it. If you like what you see and would like to inquire about enlisting NEAT to help with your next endeavour, send us a quick message. Use the "Next" buttons to navigate from piece to piece. Click on the images to see multiple larger size samples of each project.

Communitech - Project: Skinny Jeans


Communitech serves an expansive network of tech companies and startups in Waterloo Region. After working with them to support their Wordpress blog on their previous web design, Communitech asked NEAT to help them create a new look and feel for their online presence. With their existing brand, we developed a website to improve visitors' experience while on the site by using large, colour-coded icons and adopting a clean layout.

To empower their numerous stakeholders and blog contributors, we helped Communitech's Content Manager whittle down the inner workings of their Wordpress blog and establish standards and guidelines for publishing blog posts.

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Tech Leadership Conference 2012

Tech Leadership Conference

Built on a tight timeline, the Tech Leadership Conference website combines all the essential parts of a conference website and runs on the Wordpress Content Management System. Managed by Communitech, TLC features QR codes linked to the event's agenda and venue information.

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Creative Landscape Depot - Facebook Page

Facebook Page for Creative Landscape Depot

To support their industry-focused blog and establish themselves as a consumer-facing company, landscaping materials yard Creative Landscape Depot asked NEAT to help them develop a Facebook presence. We worked with the owners to create a series of informational pages, and created a best practices & policies guide to help them build a community around their passion for landscaping arts.

The custom built page uses XHTML, Wordpress, and jQuery applications to create a unique interactive experience and accomplish the client's branding and educational objectives.

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Julia Weddings Flash Intro and Website

Julia Weddings

We at NEAT know that splash pages aren't for everyone, but a well made flash animation can set the mood for your website, showcase your talents, impress visitors, and double as a pre-roll branding slide for monitors at trade shows. That's just what Julia Weddings, one of Waterloo Region's fastest growing wedding & events decorators asked for. We put together a fun and modern animation to appeal to their core audience. Complete with a custom soundtrack, kinetic typography, and motion graphics, this animated landing page really hits the mark.

Oh, and did we mention we designed the rest of the site too?

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Logos by NEAT


Because we love small businesses (we are one, after all), we often meet our clients when they're to launch a serious brand and grow their market. In some special occasions, we're fortunate enough to pitch clients on a new logo and corporate identity that will inform every design decision for their marketing for years to come.

Logo development is a huge responsibility, and we take it very seriously. We work closely with clients to understand every aspect of their business vision, their mission, and the impression they want to give — as well as research their industry and market so we can make educated choices before presenting concepts to them.

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Vacuity Website


Kitchener's own alternative indie rock band, Vacuity, needed a website to support the launch of their 2012 album, "The Black Hour." Being enormous fans, NEAT jumped at the opportunity to support independent artists in our community.

The Black Hour website features a simple, one-page layout with all the essentials to help the band connect with fans via email and social media. It also features a small format embedded video for Vacuity's popular video blog.

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Wedding Dream Logo & Website

Wedding Dream

NEAT created a new logo and website to promote the fledging wedding decorating business, Wedding Dream. A clean, modern look, featuring bold and beautiful graphical elements, wrapped around a strong photographic portfolio define this website development project.

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Wellington Cakes Website

Wellington Cakes

As the first phase of a website for Guelph's pioneer cake maker — the first in town with a storefront — NEAT created a simple, elegant online presence with custom iconography and jQuery slideshow to support the client's portfolio.

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NEAT Writing


A long-time vendor for Metroland, publisher of Waterloo Region's largest daily paper, The Waterloo Region Record, and the area's biggest magazine, The Grand, NEAT provides the copy for many of the company's Special Advertising Features.

Often interviewing dozens of sources and performing independent research, NEAT creates original and compelling articles to support these highly profitable written pieces that offer readers educational and entertaining content while supporting relevant ads.

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Monarch Distributing Ltd. Website

Monarch Distributing

Al wanted a website that put the 'fun' in 'functionality'. How did we do it? We gave him a completely custom website design, built on WordPress CMS for easy editing and threw in some flash and javascript animation to really make it sing.

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The Forty One GastroPub

The Forty One

The 41 needed a site to match their new brand. We presented them with a stunning side scrolling design featuring custom graphics, mouthwatering photography and a blog they could manage themselves. Our favourite part? The revolving "Reason Board"...and the french fries.

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